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August 27, 2015

Help Stop Temple's Delays

Dear Colleague,

One year ago, TAUP e-mailed asking you to support the adjuncts at Temple in an organizing effort to join TAUP.  TAUP and the adjuncts believe that the collective voice of a union of professors devoted to the mission of education will help improve the conditions for both students and teachers and make sure Temple remains an institution committed to the education of its students.

In the year since, the administration has made it clear that they will do everything they can to try to prevent that from happening. Over and over, they have abused the legal system to delay adjuncts their right to a fair election. We have been dismayed to hear the many disrespectful, insulting things that Temple’s lawyers and administrators have said about adjuncts and our work ethic over the past several months.

It’s time for the Temple community – employees, students, alumni, and partners – to come together and demand that Temple’s administration let adjuncts vote now. Join us by signing this petition demanding that the Board of Trustees call an election immediately, and pledge to not publicly support or donate money to Temple University until the administration agrees to treat adjuncts with respect and let them vote.

Sign the pledge, and let the administration know that adjuncts will not be intimidated and are not backing downand that they have the full support of TAUP.  Together we can accomplish more than we can alone.

In solidarity,
Ian Davisson
Adjunct Faculty in Mosaics
MA in Creative Writing, 2010

Art Hochner
Associate Professor Human Resource Management
TAUP President

August 20, 2015

When Can Adjuncts Vote on Unionization?

Adjunct faculty may soon have the opportunity to vote on unionization at Temple. The hearings at the Pennsylvania Labor Relations Board over the petition to include them in the TAUP bargaining unit are over at last. It seems possible that a decision could be issued during the fall semester.  TAUP is very confident that the hearing examiner will order an election to be held among adjuncts on whether or not to join the full-time faculty, librarians and academic professionals.  We hope that election will take place as soon as possible, this fall semester or in the spring.  Then we will welcome our adjunct colleagues to our union and bargain together with the administration to cover their issues in our contract.

Before we get a decision from the PLRB, there are a few steps.  First, TAUP’s and Temple’s attorneys will file post-hearing briefs by the end of the first week of September. Once the briefs are in, Hearing Examiner John Pozniak will take them, the 753 pages of hearing transcripts, the 18 TAUP exhibits and 60 Temple exhibits, and will render a decision.  That will take some time.  There is no deadline, but representation cases like this get a higher priority than other items on the docket.

To recap the events so far, at the end of December 2014, TAUP presented a petition to the PLRB, accompanied by many hundreds of cards signed by adjunct faculty members, authorizing TAUP to be their bargaining agent.  The petition called for the adjuncts to be accreted to the full-time bargaining unit, in accordance with long-standing precedent in Pennsylvania.

TAUP asked Temple administration to listen to the voices of adjuncts and agree to an election to determine if a majority wants to be represented by TAUP.  The administration refused, so the PLRB set up a hearing in Harrisburg for March 19.  TAUP’s case was finished at the second day of hearing on April 21.  Then Temple stretched out its presentation of witnesses through the next four days of hearing on June 5, July 23, July 30, and August 10. The sixth and final day of hearing lasted just 25 minutes, with one witness called by Temple.  These delays denied adjuncts the ability to have their voices heard through an election.  But soon there will be an end to this prolonged process.

TAUP’s case is that there is a definable community of interest, based on the criteria in Pennsylvania labor law, between full- and part-time faculty in the TAUP schools and colleges.  Among other things, we teach many of the same courses, in the same curricula, in the same classrooms, to the same students, and are subject to the same policies.  As our attorneys argued, “There is similarity in work performed, educational and skills requirements, available benefits, working conditions, interchange of employees and supervision.  There’s not perfect uniformity, but there doesn’t have to be perfect uniformity.”

Temple’s case would be best described by them.  But they argued that full-time faculty, both tenure-track (TT) and nontenure-track (NTT), have duties, including research and participation in shared governance, that differ from adjuncts.  As their attorneys said, “There is an inherent conflict of interest between adjuncts and full-time faculty considering the role of full-time faculty in shared governance at the university.”

However, participation in shared governance, which varies widely from one school or college to another, is not an important determinant of a community of interest in state law.  Anyway, there are significant differences in the requirement to engage in research and in the ability to participate in shared governance between TTs, NTTs, librarians, and academic professionals, who are all part of the current bargaining unit.

TAUP looks forward to an early election to determine democratically whether adjuncts want to join us.  Adjuncts need a voice, just as the rest of us have.

We’ll be updating you on developments when we know them.  In the meantime, we are working on plans to integrate adjuncts into the union structure and governance.  Changes to our constitution and bylaws will have to be made, which will require approval by TAUP members.  We also will be communicating with you and with adjuncts to educate everyone on what the changes to the bargaining unit will mean.

For further information, go to the website of the United Academics of Philadelphia .  There you’ll find the hearing transcripts and perspectives from adjuncts.  UAP has worked closely with TAUP and the adjunct organizing committee for this campaign.  It is a project of the AFT and seeks to unite adjuncts in the Philadelphia region.



July 29, 2015

Good News: Your July Paycheck Will Have a
Salary Increase

Good news for all TAUP bargaining unit members:  you will see an increase of 1.625% in your gross base pay starting in your July paycheck.  This raise comes from the contract that TAUP negotiated with Temple last year. 

To see how much you gained in your July paycheck, take the amount of your June base pay and multiply it by 1.01625.  This should be the amount of your July base pay.

If you have any question or concerns about whether you raise is correct, just contact TAUP by email (taupaft@gmail.com) or call us on our outside line (215-763-2287.)


June 25, 2015

TAUP Supports Sensible Changes to the Background Check Requirements of the Child Protective Services Law

Today, TAUP joined with the Pennsylvania AAUP and APSCUF in sending a letter to all members of the Senate Public Health and Welfare Committee urging them to amend the Child Protective Services Law passed last year to exclude college faculty and employees who have contact with students who are 16 or older.

The law requires background clearances for all individuals who have contact in their jobs with children less than 18 years of age.  The requirement is expensive for our institutions and can have other negative consequences for class scheduling and other educational matters.

While the law is well intentioned, the college and university environment is much different than for preK-12 schools, summer camps, daycare centers, and other settings.

Therefore, we join our colleagues from around the state in urging passage of House Bill 1276, which makes sensible changes to the law while maintaining protections for children.

PA-AAUP is the state-level affiliate of the American Association of University Professors.  APSCUF is the Association of Pennsylvania State College and University Faculty, the state-wide union of faculty and staff at the 14 state-owned universities of the PASSHE (Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education).

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