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September 16, 2014


TAUP Supports Adjunct Organizing

Dear Colleagues,

The majority of undergraduate and some graduate courses at Temple are taught either by our TAUP-represented nontenure-track faculty or by adjunct faculty many of whom are our current and former students.  Until now, adjuncts have not had a voice in the workplace.  But that is beginning to change.

Starting this week, adjunct professors on campus are organizing for a union voice with TAUP and the United Academics of Philadelphia, AFT’s citywide contingent faculty union in Philadelphia.  We are pleased to stand in solidarity with their effort to establish a collective bargaining agreement for adjunct faculty at Temple, just like our colleagues at Rutgers, Illinois-Chicago, SUNY and other universities.  Having a fully organized faculty will benefit us all.

Since 1973, TAUP has been an advocate for Temple faculty, consistently and effectively negotiating competitive pay and benefits, as well as quality-of-life improvements.  Since its inception, TAUP has championed the role of tenure-track faculty and has negotiated better protections and professional procedures.  For full time nontenure-track faculty, our victories have included more equitable compensation, sabbaticals, job security, procedures for promotion, and inclusion in shared governance.

The use of contingent faculty, i.e., NTTs and adjuncts, to staff undergraduate courses has risen in the past several years, and will likely continue to increase.  As tireless advocates for the importance of both quality research and quality instruction here at Temple, TAUP believes that our adjunct colleagues need both resources and respect on the job to be effective.  They are currently the only eligible employees on campus without union representation, and the time has come for a change.

TAUP pledges our full support of adjunct professors’ efforts to improve their working life at Temple through a union voice, just as we have for full-time faculty.  Even though many decisions about structure have not yet been made, the Executive Committee and I share a commitment to full representation of all of Temple’s educators that gives adjuncts the final say over their own working conditions.

We look forward to collaborating with all our colleagues in the coming months.   Please show your solidarity with the organizing effort, join hundreds of colleagues in signing a mission statement in support of meaningful representation of adjunct voices at Temple.

If you have questions or comments, please contact us at taupaft@aol.com or me at ahochner@gmail.com.

In solidarity,

Art Hochner

September 11, 2014

Contract Negotiations UPDATE

The calendar of negotiation sessions between TAUP and Temple administration is filling up rapidly as the expiration date for our collective bargaining agreement, i.e., October 15, draws nearer.  The sessions held thus far have been remarkable for the cooperative, open, deliberative, and reciprocally-responsive dialogue to identify issues of concern and fashion mutually acceptable solutions.

As you know, we’ve started with non-economic topics.

  • Last week, representatives of TAUP and Temple held our second session devoted exclusively to brarian issues.
  • Yesterday, we discussed Tenure & Promotion procedures and standards for the second time.
  • Next week will feature second meetings on: Discipline on Monday; Workload on Wednesday; and NTT Issues on Thursday.
  • We have not yet scheduled a second meeting on Childcare issues, but the first one was held in early July.

We will sit down to talk about economic issues, i.e., Pay and Benefits, for the first time next Wednesday, September 17.  TAUP hopes that these discussions follow the model set by the non-economic ones.

As old-timers in the bargaining unit well remember, negotiations have not always gone smoothly.  However, in 2012, the union and management were able to agree peaceably and early on our current contract agreement.  TAUP’s negotiators will make every effort to continue that positive momentum.

The members of TAUP’s team are varied, depending on the topic:

Librarian Issues – Art Hochner (HRM/FSBM), David Murray (Paley), and Fred Rowland (Paley)

Tenure & Promotion –Hochner, Jeffrey Solow (Instrumental/Boyer), Steve Newman (English/CLA), and Joseph Schwartz (PolSci/CLA)

Discipline – Pat Hansell (Anthro/CLA), Hochner, Terry Kilpatrick (TAUP Member Services Director), and Karen Palter (Biology/CST)

Workload – Hansell, Hochner, Newman, and Bruce Rader (Finance/FSBM)

NTT Issues – Norma Corrales-Martin (Spanish/CLA), Hochner, Stan McDonald (Writing/CLA), Rob Pred (Statistics/FSBM), Schwartz, and Don Wargo (Economics/CLA)

Childcare – Alexandra Davatzes (Earth & EnvSci/CST), Amy Freestone (Biology/CST), Hochner, Laura Katz Rizzo (Dance/Boyer), Rachel Spigler (Biology/CST), and Marsha Weinraub (Psych0logy/CLA)

Economic Issues – Corrales-Martin, Hochner, Kilpatrick, Newman, and Wargo

August 29, 2014

Welcome Back!
Submit Your ARoFA!
Happy Labor Day!

TAUP heartily welcomes back all faculty and staff at the start of the fall semester!  After an intense week of class meetings, it’s great that we get a three-day weekend to celebrate Labor Day, the holiday for all working people, including you.  Aside from enjoying the time off, spare some time to remember the struggles we’ve had here at Temple to achieve successes at the bargaining table.  And remember the struggles others in the labor force still face.

Together with Temple administration, TAUP is still working on negotiations for a new contract to replace the current collective bargaining agreement, which expires on October 15.  We have had initial discussions about non-economic issues but have yet to discuss economic ones, such as pay and benefits.  The discussions have been cordial so far.  We’ll be keeping you posted regularly on contract talks in the coming weeks.

While we have no agreement yet on raises and merit pay, TAUP encourages faculty members who were here last year to fill out and submit your Annual Report of Faculty Achievement (ARoFA) before the deadline of Monday, September 1, 2014 at 11:59 PM.

For a number of years, submission of these forms has been required for individuals to be considered for merit pay awards.  Last May, more than $1.6 million was added to the paychecks of 767 faculty members through the merit process.  Assuming the process this year will be similar to last year, don’t miss out on your chance to be rewarded for your achievements in teaching, research and service.

Again, Happy Labor Day!

On behalf of TAUP,

Art Hochner

Click here for: TAUP/TU Collective Bargaining Agreement 2012-2014

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