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January 17, 2017

Join Us This Thursday, January 19, at the Bell Tower

Dear TAUP member,

Join us this Thursday, January 19, at 11:30am at the Bell Tower. Thousands of AFT members and allies nationwide will demonstrate against the president-elect’s agenda to dismantle public education. We will be part of the Alliance to Reclaim Our Schools (AROS) national day of action to ensure all students have the opportunity to live their lives and pursue their dreams free from fear.


We are taking action to demand that:

  • Our schools and campuses remain centers of learning that are protected against threats of bullying, homophobia and transphobia, racism, Islamophobia and anti-Semitism, and deportation
  • the Senate support public schools by rejecting education secretary nominee Betsy DeVos, who has spent millions of her family fortune to destroy public education.
  • Policymakers increase investment in public schools, make Wall Street and billionaires pay their fair share, and protect Title I funds.
  • Temple properly value the adjunct faculty who provide excellent teaching to so many Temple students.

Sign up now to join educators across the country taking action this Thursday at the Bell Tower.

In Solidarity,

Art Hochner                                   Steve Newman
TAUP President                             TAUP Vice President

January 13, 2017

Defend Education: Reject Trump's Nominee

Hello  TAUP Members,

As the president elect's administration finalizes its transition to power next week, AFT members across the country are gearing up to defend a vision of education that is public, affordable, and free from harassment and threats of deportation.

Next week, the Senate will begin the confirmation hearing for Trump's nomination of Betsy DeVos for Secretary of Education. DeVos has spent the last few decades dismantling public schools in Michigan through lobbying efforts to cut school funding and deregulate charter expansion. Additionally, she has never taught in a classroom, has never worked for public schools, nor does she have a degree in education.

Not only does Betsy DeVos lack the experience necessary to be the leader of our country's public schools, she is fundamentally opposed to the very idea that education should be public. In nominating DeVos,Trump makes it loud and clear that his education policy will focus on privatizing, defunding and destroying public education in America.

In Solidarity,

Art Hochner                                    Steve Newman
TAUP President                             TAUP Vice President

January 9, 2017

Negotiating for Professional Treatment & High-Quality Education

Adjunct faculty organized and fought to win the right to join TAUP because an overwhelming majority wanted to raise and stabilize the standards of teaching at Temple University. Our aims in the ensuing contract negotiations for adjunct faculty are grounded in that vision. Each of the proposals TAUP has passed across the table to Temple administration stem from the high value we place on treating all faculty as worthy professionals and on delivering quality education and scholarship. If you want to see exactly what TAUP proposes, Click here

It is not surprising that we have vast differences on negotiated salaries, benefits, and the necessary job security adjunct faculty demand and deserve. Entering into the negotiations process we knew those conversations would take time, give and take, and compromise on the parts of us faculty and administration. After 11 sessions, we are deeply disappointed that we have been able to agree on very little—even things that should not be hard to agree to—like academic freedom, non-discrimination, and even desk copies for Temple’s teaching faculty!

We propose these items, even if they seem like no-brainers to teach a class, because getting access to the simple tools of teaching a class can be difficult for adjunct faculty. Temple says they have policies that provide these things. They have inconsistent to non-existent orientation for new faculty, no single place where policies are collected, unclear directions for obtaining copies for classes, and few places to meet students that provide privacy uniformly across campus. Faculty need to have these items in a contract to ensure the adequate tools for our students success. Temple has rejected these proposals.

Not surprisingly, the major financial impact of our contract proposals center on salary. Our proposal on salary is based on our belief in the basic principle of equal pay for equal work. That's why we put forth a parity proposal, pegging the minimum adjunct pay to the contractual minimums that exist for full-time faculty.

A significant raise for adjuncts is urgently needed to bring our highly-trained, professional teachers the compensation they deserve, and maintain the quality our students demand. But we all know a salary bump is just one part of what it will take to support adjuncts in delivering the highest quality education to our students. Thus, our other major proposals consider aspects of adjunct employment to provide predictability in assignments, clear paths to promotion, professional development, tuition benefits, and access to the same high-quality health insurance that full-time faculty enjoy.

Unfortunately, so far, we have been disappointed in the administration's response to our proposals at the bargaining table.  They have rejected most of our proposals, though we have made progress on a few, such as the definition of which adjuncts are in the TAUP bargaining unit, the grievance procedure and a few others.  Nonetheless, they have made clear their opposition to any loss of flexibility in hiring, scheduling, promoting and terminating adjuncts. They have yet to offer very many counterproposals. 
We are one faculty. We are responsible for ensuring a fair contract for all of those that teach and work at Temple University.

Stand in support of a fair contract.  Add your name here.

The TAUP Negotiating Team

Art Hochner                  Steve Newman                 Norma Corrales-Martin
Stan McDonald             Paul Dannenfelser            Mara Hughes
Jennie Shanker            Wende Marshall

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