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January 28,2015

TAUP Now Has Notary Public Services

TAUP now has a new free service for union members.  Terry Kilpatrick, Member Services Director, has become a certified Pennsylvania Notary Public.  Any dues-paying member of TAUP may make an appointment to have documents notarized at no cost.

Other bargaining unit members and Temple employees may have documents notarized for $5.00 each.

If anyone would like to have notary services in his or her office or other location of choice, there will be an additional fee, to be negotiated, depending on time and place.

Notary services are generally available from 9:30 AM to 4:00 PM, Monday through Friday.  Call (215-204-7641) or email (taupaft@aol.com) Terry to set up an appointment.


January 27,2015

Temple Adjuncts File for Election

TAUP has exciting news about our efforts to bring more stability and respect to the valuable work that adjunct faculty do for and with our students, us, and Temple.

Adjunct faculty filed authorization cards on Dec. 17 with the Pennsylvania Labor Relations Board seeking union representation with TAUP and the United Academics of Philadelphia, which is the AFT's Philadelphia-area local for adjunct faculty.  By seeking union representation, Temple’s approximately 1,100 adjuncts are taking a big step toward realizing UAP's overall vision of livable wages, benefits, job security and professionalism for contingent faculty who live and work in the Philadelphia area.

The next step is an election.  On February 10th, the PLRB, Temple University, and TAUP/UAP will try to reach an agreement for the terms of a union election for adjunct faculty at Temple, so that they can join with the full-time faculty represented by TAUP.  Our goal to have a transparent and fair election for adjunct faculty and ultimately, to have a union that reflects the experience of all of us who teach for Temple.  We hope that Temple administration works with us, and we are able to agree on an early date for the representation election.

Elizabeth Spencer, UAP organizing committee member and adjunct English professor explains the importance of organizing, saying, "As a mother and an adjunct professor, I'm thrilled about this step toward winning an adjunct union at Temple University. Being able to negotiate over meaningful job security and knowing whether I'll be able to return to Temple the next semester will improve the educational experience for my students.  By negotiating a fair contract with Temple, I know I'm working toward providing stability for my family."

"Both full-time and adjunct faculty care deeply about the quality of education we provide at Temple University, and thus deserve the right to collectively bargain for wages, benefits and respect," says Art Hochner, TAUP President. "That is why we are happy to support our adjunct colleagues in their fight for unionization, and we welcome them to our union. Their success and increased job security will ensure that Temple remains a world-class institution that attracts and retains top-tier faculty for its students."


January 22, 2015

Workload Issues That Affect All Faculty

Under the new calendar arrangement, we’re all busy at work now in the first Spring Semester starting classes the week prior to Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.  Many other changes are coming or are already upon us, as well.  These will impact virtually all faculty members who teach.

  • Alterations to the calendar are coming in Fall 2015 to allow more flexible scheduling of classes.
  • Modifications to the TAUP-Temple contract, ratified in October, bring changes to the way faculty workloads are apportioned across semesters.
  • Opportunities for more faculty voice in workload assignments are available for all collegial assemblies to get involved.

First, with respect to the academic calendar for 2015-2016:

  • New Early Term Start Courses may be scheduled from August 1 to August 23.
  • Alongside full semester courses – over 16 weeks from August 24 through December 7, there will be two 7-week course schedules:
    • 7A, from August 24 to October 12
    • 7B, from October 13 to December 7
  • For the Spring Semester, there will be Early Term Start Courses from December 8, 2015, to January 10, 2016.  And again, there will be 16-week courses, plus two 7-week rounds (7A & 7B).

This radically different arrangement of semesters and courses was posted to the Registrar’s website early last fall, without any formal announcement to or consultation with the faculty.  Fortunately, TAUP’s Negotiating Team found out about it in time to take it into account in contract negotiations.  We haven’t been told the reasons for making the changes, but two probable reasons come to mind: (a) to allow much more flexible scheduling, so that Fly in 4  can work better; and/or (b) to allow for more credit-hour generation, to enhance revenues under decentralized budgeting.

Second, in response, TAUP and the administration agreed to modify the workload assignment provision of the contract (Article 19, Section A. Faculty)

  • Changing the old teaching load limit from 12 credits per semester to 24 credits per academic year, with no more than 15 of those in a single semester, except with the faculty member’s consent.
  • Allowing for faculty to be assigned to two out of the three academic semesters (Fall, Spring, Summer), with the normal expectation being Fall and Spring.
  • Providing that a faculty member may not be required to teach without his or her consent and without additional appropriate overload compensation over the fall, spring, and summer semesters.
  • Giving advance notice of semester assignments not later than 12 weeks prior to the start, except in unanticipated or exigent circumstances.
  • Limiting assignments in partial semester configurations (i.e., the 3-week August pre-term, the two 7-week terms within the Fall and Spring semesters, and the 4-week inter-semester from December-January).
  • Clarifying that duties for a given academic year begin a week prior to the start of the fall semester and end when the assigned duties are completed.

Third, owing to the complexities and variations of workload assignments from college to college and across disciplines, TAUP and the administration agreed that rules and standards governing them are best decided at the collegial level.  Accordingly, we agreed that

Collegial assemblies may form workload committees to formulate proposals for school/college workload guidelines and that Deans shall review, consider and respond to such proposals in a timely way.

At the Faculty Senate meeting on January 20, Senate President Tricia Jones and TAUP President Art Hochner urged collegial assemblies to get to work on these guidelines.  We also urge Deans to work together with their faculties to develop clear guidelines that will be seen as fair and reasonable, while taking into account the varied roles that different faculty perform.  TAUP will monitor the progress of the development of these guidelines and will report its findings.  

Making the draft guidelines available for review and comment online could facilitate the establishment of consistent workload assignments across comparable disciplines, while allowing for needed differences.

Workload was one of four issues addressed in the new contract that were a focus of the Senate meeting.  There is new contract language on Tenure & Promotion procedures that go into effect for next fall, but which need some action this semester.  There also are side letters allowing that TAUP and the Senate will work together to come up with proposals on Childcare and Tuition benefits at other universities, which the administration will consider seriously.  Each of these issues will be the topic of a future e-Bulletin.

If you have any questions or comments about these workload and calendar issues, or about anything else, please contact Terry Kilpatrick at TAUP (taupaft@aol.com; 1-7641) or Art Hochner (ahochner@gmail.com; 215-704-6990).

Click here for: TAUP/TU Tentative Collective Bargaining Agreement 2014-2018

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