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October 12, 2016

Call for Constituency Council Nominations

Dear Colleagues:

As mandated by our newly-passed Constitution and Bylaws, we are calling for nominees to our three elected Constituency Councils:  one each for tenure-track, full-time non-tenure-track, and adjunct faculty.  What will the Constituency Councils do?  They will: 

  • Listen to their constituencies’ concerns and work to see how TAUP can address them.
  • Recruit and foster an engaged and mobilized membership.
  • Identify possible contract violations and suggest solutions.
  • Stay in close contact with the Executive Committee, which is charged with much of the decision making power of the Union.
  • Each elect two members to the Executive Committee.

The deadline for nominations is October 24, to be sent to taupaft@gmail.com.  You are free to nominate yourself or someone else. Please provide contact information for the nominee, even if it’s you!  The election will be held by online ballot from November 4 to November 11. 

Only dues-paying members can nominate and stand for election. So if you have wanted to take a more active role in your union, this is an excellent opportunity to do so!  If you are not a dues-paying member and wish to have a voice, it is an excellent opportunity for you to gain that voice.    

The size of these three Constituency Councils is determined by a ratio of 1 member:100 members of the bargaining unit. 
For tenure-track faculty:  7
For non-tenure-track faculty: 6
For adjunct faculty:  14

Each Constituency  Council provides two members to the Executive Committee. The 6 faculty representatives, the librarian and academic professional representatives, together with the 3 officers constitute the 11 voting members of the Executive Committee.  The EC is the highest level decision-making body, setting policy  or  TAUP.  

The dues-paying membership as a whole has the ultimate power to approve new contracts, changes to the Constitution, and other significant proposals.

For the good of your Union, please consider nominating colleagues you trust and admire; and please consider nominating yourself!

If you have any questions, please contact Steve Newman at stevenewman1970@gmail.com.


Sincerely yours,





Art Hochner

Steve Newman

Norma Corrales-Martin

Associate Professor
Human Resource Mgt.
Fox School of Business

Associate Professor
College of Liberal Arts
Vice President

Associate Professor
Spanish & Portuguese
College of Liberal Arts


August 29, 2016

Summer Negotiations

Since May, TAUP has met with Temple University’s administration three times to negotiate over our vision that adjuncts should be respected as valued faculty and therefore treated with the dignity of fair compensation and job security. We are the faculty – united in furthering the essential missions of Temple University.

To accomplish these aims, we have called for a cooperative bargaining process, in which adjuncts can be integrated as valued employees. This is exactly what over 70% of the adjunct faculty voted for, and that aim was affirmed by 90% of the TAUP members who voted in favor of the new constitution and bylaws.

Our contract is about forty years old and like all documents that speak to a broad audience, not everything that affects the working conditions of fulltime faculty does or should affect adjunct faculty. Therefore we identified a list of 17 contract articles that should require little or no change –Preamble, No Discrimination, Deduction of Dues, Grievance Procedure, Personnel Files, and the like. A number of articles that speak specifically to those on different tracks – Tenure & Promotion, NTT Classifications, etc. – don’t apply to adjuncts. Our main focus is on creating an addendum to the current contract that covers key adjunct issues, including pay, benefits, job security, workload, and perhaps others.

Our negotiating philosophy is that the same work should be compensated at the same rates. Therefore, part-time teaching should be compensated proportionally. Adjunct minimum pay rates per credit hour should be in proportion to the minimum pay rates in the contract for full-time faculty. Annual raises should be similar to the annual raises for full-time members of the bargaining unit. Adjuncts should also have proportional access to important benefits enjoyed by full-timers, such as health and dental insurance, pension contributions, and tuition remission.

Temple’s response to TAUP’s approach has been to repeatedly question almost everything we’ve brought up. At this moment, we seem to be philosophically far apart from each other as to what a completely unionized faculty means.

We remain hopeful that the cooperative nature of contract negotiations is the spirit within which we're working to reach a fair contract for adjunct faculty. It is why we remain hopeful of reaching an agreement in the Fall semester.

Nonetheless, we will not agree to roll back the gains both sides agreed to in the current contract. TAUP will also resist attempts to pit the segments of the faculty against each other. That will not work, as it doesn’t benefit our students, our work, and our University.

Respect for faculty voice and fairness cannot be achieved with a few meetings with the administration in a conference room. We all need to get involved and participate in the process!

Contact TAUP to become a member and find out how to get involved. Email us at:taupaft@gmail.com today!

In Solidarity,
Art Hochner
President, TAUP

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