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November 12, 2015

Family Friendly Features in the TAUP Contract

Over the last 20 years TAUP has negotiated for a more family–friendly workplace that benefits parents among the faculty.  In the 2008-2012 contract we introduced Work-Life Balance for new parents.  In the 2014-2018 contract, we improved faculty Sick Leave, allowing those who exhaust it to earn time back.  These two parts of the contract, along with Maternity Leave, make combining having children with focus on work considerably easier for faculty.

There are two main parts to the parental benefits:
  1. Work-Life Balance: Both tenure-track and nontenure-track faculty parents have the ability to draw on Work-Family balance provisions of the 2014-2018 contract found in Article 22 Benefits, Section EE and in Side Letters, Side Letters 15 and 16
  2. Maternity Leave: Female full-time faculty have the opportunity to take eight (8) weeks sick leave1 when having a baby.

MORE ABOUT WORK-LIFE BALANCE: A tenured or tenure-track faculty member who is the primary caregiver to a child five years of age or less will be allowed elimination of teaching duties for one semester without any reduction in pay.

Nontenure-track faculty also have some Work-Life balance benefits, but because they primarily teach, giving them time off is not really possible.  NTTs can receive more flexibility in their schedules, so that work does not compete with childcare to such a great degree.
MORE ABOUT MATERNITY LEAVE: You can actually start maternity leave before your due date or the baby's birth if you so choose, but then you would have less of the allotted leave time to use after the baby's arrival.  You will receive full pay and benefits during these 8 weeks.  No medical justification (other than having a baby) is required.

If you develop a bona fide medical problem either before or after the baby is born, you can also take sick leave for as long as medically necessary, with these limitations:
  1. All faculty are allowed six months sick leave per contract, 2 months at full pay, and the next 4 months at half pay.
  2. When you are on sick leave or leave for having a baby, you are concurrently using your FMLA time.
  3. The Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) grants you twelve (12) weeks of time, if either you, or a family member for whom you care, are sick.  You do not receive your salary during this period, unless you are the person who is sick (or having a baby), and are also using sick or pregnancy leave.
  4. You have a choice of taking up to 4 more weeks of your remaining FMLA time after your eight weeks is up, but you will not receive a paycheck during this time.
MORE ABOUT IMPROVED SICK LEAVE: A new provision in the 2014-2018 contract allows faculty who have exhausted the full six months of sick leave the opportunity to earn back more paid sick time Article 22, Section N.1.b.  This change helps faculty who have serious illnesses and relapses, because for every three months that they work a full workload, they earn back one month of sick leave.

WHEN DOES LEAVE COUNT: When Temple is officially closed, as for the period between Christmas and New Year’s, or when faculty are not required to work, i.e., during the summer, the days do not count against leave.   Fall break, the rest of winter break when the students are gone, and spring break are not official days off for faculty, and these days do count against the allotment for having a baby and FMLA.

TEMPLE REQUIREMENTS: One thing to remember is that if you are taking sick leave, maternity leave and/or FMLA time, you need to get the proper paperwork from Benefits ahead of time.  Temple asks for least 30 days’ notice when possible.  Call Heather Woods in Benefits at 215-926-2270 or email her at heather.woods@temple.edu, to let her know your situation and get the necessary documents.

QUESTIONS: If you have any other questions about what benefits the contract provides, please don't hesitate to call (215-763-2287 or 1-7641) or email TAUP and ask for Member Services Director Terry Kilpatrick.

1TAUP realizes that pregnancy and delivery are not an “illness,” but they are major physical transformations that require time for the new mother to recover.  Thus, sick leave is what is given for childbirth by almost all American employers.  In addition, the mother has some time to bond with her new baby.


November 5, 2015

New Jersey Gives More Union Support for Unified Faculty

Our AFT union colleagues in the Rutgers University AAUP-AFT wanted to share their support and excitement as adjunct faculty are voting to join TAUP and make faculty voice stronger at Temple University.

At Rutgers, the full-time and adjunct faculty are in the same union, forming a united voice.  Because of the peculiarities of New Jersey labor law, they are two union locals that work together closely and support each other’s bargaining goals.  Representatives of both groups serve on the overall AAUP-AFT Executive Council.

Adjunct faculty and full-time tenured, tenure-track and non-tenure track faculty belonging to the same union is common.  It builds strength across the University and develops strong faculty voice. 

David M. Hughes, the Rutgers AAUP-AFT president, is Professor, Department of Anthropology, School of Arts & Sciences, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ.

Teresa Politano, the president of Rutgers PTLFC AAUP-AFT, is Part-Time Lecturer, Dept. of Journalism and Media Studies, School of Communication and Information, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ.

Rutgers Unified Faculty Support Letter




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